My Ritual Album – 2020

Written and performed by Rob Wright and Bill Tully 2018-2020

My Ritual is a Spiritual Journey created as a “Concept Album”. Each song has clues to other songs and meanings. Can you determine the overall message? This record features the Bass Brilliance of Blazn’ Bill Tully notably recognized with The Voodoo Dudes out of Tucson, Arizona”.

The Story

Our “My Ritual” Album is a continual story, a journey if you will, pertaining to one’s walk from the womb to the tomb presented in a Rock and Roll atmosphere.

“Prelude” is the birth of a soul followed by “Blood Thirst” which is the birth into a world where from the beginning, battles begin between good and evil.

“My Ritual” is the first taste of victory over evil and the courage to move forward in the fight. A development if you will, of a path forward.

“The Dance” shows our subject, the first glance, in the wake of a victory, of the pure joy that freedom and faith can bring in the absence of evil.

“The Walk” is the journey that we all take in the uncertainty of what each day, each hour, each minute may be set before our lives. But we do so with faith and courage in the face of fear.

“Feet Don’t Fail Me” takes our subject into the cities where people are blinded by lies, false pretenses and the worship of money. He runs towards what he knows is right and truthful, as corruption tries to drag him in.

“The Edge” is the place that we come to in our lives, where we must choose between, this is good enough and look backward or keep going forward and striving for the betterment of self and others. We cannot make the edge our home. A choice must be made.

“The Truth” is the acknowledgment that we believe in something that guides us, drives our ambition and faith that we commit to the truth of our heart.

“White Throne Judgment” is the day we All must face, as our lives come to an end. We lay before the throne, all our victories and failures in life. The balancing of the scales as our final thoughts stream through our mind in hope that we hear the words… WELL DONE!

My Ritual is a Spiritual Journey created as a “Concept Album”. Each song has clues to other songs and meanings. Can you determine the overall message? This record features the Bass Brilliance of Blazn’ Bill Tully notably recognized with The VooDoo Dudes out of Tucsan, Arizona.

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Music from Rockin Rob Wright and Blazn’ Bill Tully

My Ritual Album 2020
Prelude – BloodThirst – Lyrics


I’m surrounded by the darkness, up ahead a distant light.

Is this my solitary sentence, or the birth of a lasting life.

What’s ahead of me;

What I might see;

For eternity;

I can hear the voices and they are calling me,

The journey has true meaning now, and its calling me,

My quest is virtuous and that’s what I am hearing in my head,

Go forward to this distant land, and fight what wasn’t said.

Blood Thirst

thrust into a new dimension, blinding light with no reflection

I’m amazed, in all that I see

I hit the ground and see if noticed, blurry eyes must stay in focus

As foretold and now I believe

Something wicked this way comes, I can hear their battle drums

I am given, all that I need

they seem to feed on blood and malice, fallen souls that built their palace

and now it’s Time, to bring them to their knees


A battle for the ages goes on and on and on

My quest will come in phases go on and on and on

Their evil thirst will change to hunger – I was prey and now the hunter

Please forgive, all that I do

engulfed in light I wield the mighty, numbers scattered vast and widely

idols worshiped, in spite of the truth.

as each one falls the light gets brighter. I came in peace and now the fighter

what was many, now but a few

the scribes will note this day of battle, the endless rage that made them fragile

new day dawns, the choice is up to you.

For those who hear their battle cries

For those who hear their battle cries

Prelude – Blood Thirst
My Ritual Lyrics

My Ritual

I’m a bad man steppin with a Smokin’ Smith and Wesson,

So I’m kickin ass and taking names.

You better run for Shelter, Cause I’m bringing Helter Skelter,

I’m the man they calling Mr. Pain.

Come and bring it!

Nobody takes me down.

I’m not messing around.

Give a nod to the big man,

Light a stogie with my right hand

That’s My Ritual

Didnt want it to be like this,

But I have to survive, gotta keep my story moving

Evil’s coming from every side,

I’m a warrior of light, and I know a storm is brewing.

Set them up and I’ll knock them down,

I’m a fighting machine I don’t Need no crown.

And I know there’s no turning back

But it’s a game that I’m gonna play

So I’m walking through the rubble and I’m feeling kinda humble,

Not feeling bad or feeling shame.

Going through the motions follow Scripture like its Spoken

It’s a process that will keep me Sane.

My Ritual
The Dance Lyrics

The Dance

I walk in steps of few, towards the place I choose

Hear the songs within the air

I hear the singing, no longer grieving

words that lift us from despair

I came upon this place where music thrives,

Fate has brought me here to see with my own eyes.

Their bodies swaying, their arms are waiving

There’s beauty in romance

Their voices joyful, with hearts so loyal

Together … we shall Dance

They’re bend the strings, while shaking tambourines

Along with clapping of the hands

vibration sooths as the body moves

This thing they do they call the dance.

(They asked him what his name was, and he told them it’s I Am)

(Where we go one, we go all)

The Dance
The Walk Lyrics

The Walk

walking through the desert of life,    

And I worry about the fallen. (2)

Taking steps in the hope of his grace,

And Yet I keep on stumbling.


I walk Alone, even though the Truth is beside me,    

I walk alone, finally found the laws of liberty

When I fall, leave the dust to embrace,                    

Cause The dust is where I came from. (2)

See the man with mud on his face,

Just a man that beats his own drum.



I’m just a lowly man, trying to understand             

And I’m changing my ways.

It’s time to reconcile, and with every mile

Now I’m walking to the place that delivers my fate.

the walk is long, it is the journey I seek,                        

And hope that I’m forgiven

My mind is strong though my body is weak

and I know that I am living.

The Walk
Feet Don’t Fail Me Lyrics

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

I see the wicked and it’s everywhere these days.

People are speaking out, they think of their own gain.

Their empty eyes will show the face behind the pain.

And we’ll keep running, feet don’t fail me now.

Running towards the truth that’s calling me

Never blind and now that we can see

Let them try to keep on chasing me

Feet don’t fail me now

They worship fortune but their fortune goes away

They’ve all been weeded out and live amongst the blaze

Life of the wicked it will drive them all insane.

Feet Don’t Fail Me
The Edge Lyrics

The Edge

I’m trying to see but the air turned to dust

The squint of my eyes turned to glaze

KHAOS is that what I brought to the fight

The wreckage was all in his name


I’m standing on the edge thinking that I could fly

I never learned to trust, so many reasons why

Just to find a space to rest my weary soul

The edge a place to stop and never call my home

Memories may haunt me from all that I’ve seen

The image is burned in my brain

I stand for the words he has given to me

Forgive me for all that were slain 

I’m walking a path that no others may see

A battle of wits in my mind

Peace may befriend me but what are the costs

The battle I’m fighting is mine

The Edge
The Truth Lyrics

The Truth

Legend be told, there’s a man on a mission

He’s the thunder of the golden chain

No story get’s old, when they talk about his vision

He’s the healer of forgotten names

He’s a mystery, see the imagery

Yeah we know him and his name is the truth

Know the history, share his victories

Yeah we know him and his name is the truth

Read the prophecy, it’s simplicity

Yeah we know him and his name is the truth

Our hope is willfully, he’s our destiny

Yeah we know him and his name is the truth

He speaks from a book, that no one’s even written

Of a time that was beyond his day

he worries about, the parents that are quitting

that our children now have lost their way

The Truth
White Throne Judgment Lyrics

White Throne Judgement

I have lived the words you’ve given to me, inside my mind.

A quantum’s change of reality, with red between the lines.

(Chorus) :

I’ve traveled for miles and miles and miles

To get back home

I have fought the battles lay their cries

 before the throne

There’s no reason of time and space, thou age can be sublime.

A tempest breath of memory, the spoils I left behind.


Just like The suns has power, just like the winds of change,

standing at the top of the hour, my judgement still remains

Behold my many deeds, I will reap, what I have sown.

judgement comes, cloaked in white, the ghost upon the throne.

White Throne Judgment