Terms And Conditions

Our policies are designed to help create a fair and safe trading experience for all W2RProcks.com’s users. As a seller, you’re responsible for regularly reviewing and complying with W2RProcks.com’s selling policies, and for meeting your obligations as set out in our terms and conditions.

We recommend that you learn about W2RProcks.com’s selling policies before you list an item. This helps you avoid accidentally breaking any rules. If you fail to follow the rules, to protect the integrity of our marketplace, we may take certain actions, such as removing your listings or products and limiting your selling privileges. For more details, please see the individual policy guidelines below.

Our full selling practice guidelines below provide a range of tips for helping ensure you keep your buyers happy. They cover areas such as the item description, your terms and conditions, shipping and handling charges, delivery times, communication, returns, and photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to include shipping in my price to customers ?

Buyers don’t like non-disclosed charges other than taxes (Can’t do anything about taxes right) when viewing their check out and sometimes will back out of the completion of the sell. Having the shipping cost included (Usually $5.00 USD) will cover the cost of a CD mailed within the continental United States of America. This will allow a smoother sell process for your prospective buyer.

Do I have to accept returns?

You don’t have to accept returns, but we highly recommend you do – it might help you attract more buyers. If you do accept returns, make sure you specify the time period in which you accept returns, who pays for the return postage, and how the refund is issued. (Your PayPal Business Agreement)

W2RProcks.com Terms and conditions:

Entering into this Agreement

By registering for the Services, you must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

This Agreement, together with other legal terms and legally required disclosures relating to your use of the W2RProcks.com Service will be provided to you, at all times on the W2RProcks.com website(s) (typically located on the “Terms and Conditions” landing page). This information may also be sent to you or appear in places on the W2RProcks.com website(s) or otherwise where relevant to your use of the Services

We recommend that you store or print-off a copy of the Agreement (including all policies) for your records.

W2RProcks.com may require you to have a W2RProcks.com Membership to use the Services (including, without limitation, receive payments through PayPal (PayPal Agreement) or to use W2RProcks.com as a means of logging into third party services).


This is an important document which you must consider carefully when choosing whether to use the Services at any time. This Agreement also highlights certain risks on using the Services together with guidance on how to safely carry out online payments via W2RProcks.com. You must consider such risks and guidance when using W2RProcks.com.

You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with any and all laws, rules and regulations of your specific jurisdiction that may be applicable to you in connection with your use of the Services.

Please note the following risks and key terms applicable to your use of the W2RProcks.com service:

  • We may close, suspend, remove your content, or limit your access to your Account or our Services, if you carry out any Restricted Activities (as further set out in clause 6).

For more information visit your PayPal terms of service agreement.

1. Our Relationship With You

1.1 W2RProcks.com is only a Promotional and Merchandise Service Provider.

W2RProcks.com enables you to make payments to third parties for your products.W2RProcks.com is an independent contractor for all purposes. W2RProcks.com does not have control of nor, assumes the liability or legality for the products or services that are paid for with our Service. We do not guarantee the identity of any User or ensure that a buyer or a seller will complete a transaction. Please note that there are risks of dealing with underage persons or people acting under false pretense.

W2RProcks.com’s main business is promotion of music makers and designed as a method of selling their music and merchandise to prospective buyers. Additional services may be added and will be governed categorically under new amended Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Your Privacy. Protecting your privacy is very important to W2RProcks.com. Information such as Email Addresses, Phone numbers and other information collected will remain between YOU and W2RProcks.com. We will not transfer, sell or otherwise your data from W2RProcks.com.

1.3 Assignment. You may not transfer or assign any rights or obligations you have under this Agreement without W2RProcks.com’s prior written consent. This does not affect your rights to close your Account under clause 4.

1.4 Communicating with You.

1.4.1 Languages. This Agreement is concluded in English only. We will communicate with you in English only.

1.4.2 Notices to You. You agree that W2RProcks.com may provide notice via email to the email address listed in your Account. With the exception of amendments to this Agreement, such notice shall be considered to be received by you within 24 hours of the time it is emailed from W2RProcks.com Website(s) or email. You may request a paper copy of any legally required disclosures and you may terminate your consent to receive required disclosures through electronic communications by contacting W2RProcks.com as described in section 1.7 below. W2RProcks.com may charge you a Records Request Fee to provide a paper copy. W2RProcks.com reserves the right to close your Account if you withdraw your consent to receive legally required disclosures through electronic communications.

1.5 Notices to W2RProcks.com. Notices to W2RProcks.com made in connection with this Agreement must be sent by postal mail to: W2RProcks.com 263 Access Hwy, Unit 7, Limestone, ME 04750

1.6 Amendments to this Agreement. We may at any time amend, delete or add to this Agreement, including the Fees and other amounts which apply to your Account (a “Change”) by giving notice of such Change by posting a revised version of this Agreement on the W2RProcks.com website(s). A Change will be made unilaterally by us and you will be deemed to have accepted the Change after you have received notice via email of it. We will give you 2 months’ notice of any Change with the Change taking effect once the 2 month notice period has passed, except the 2 month notice period will not apply where a Change is required by law or relates to the addition of a new service, extra functionality to the existing Service or any other change which neither reduces your rights nor increases your responsibilities. In such instances, the Change will be made without prior notice to you and shall be effective immediately.

If you do not accept any Change, you must notify W2RProcks.com via email your intention to close your Account following the account closure procedure. If you do not object to a Change by closing your Account within the 2 month notice period, you will be deemed to have accepted it. While you may close your Account at any time and without charge, please note that you may still be liable to us after you terminate this Agreement for any liabilities you may have incurred and are responsible for prior to terminating this Agreement and please further note our rights under section 4 (Closing Your Account).

1.7 Eligibility. To be eligible for our Services, you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States of America or a Mutually Agreed Country when requesting to be featured on W2RProcks.com. If you are a seller of non digital merchandise, you must comply with the “Physical Merchandise Agreement” If you are a seller of digital products on W2RProcks.com, you must agree with the “ Digital Merchandise Sales Agreement ”.

  1. 7.1   Physical Merchandise Agreement W2RProcks.com assumes no liability for shipping, quality or damaged goods on items procured from our site. Additionally, W2RProcks.com does not assume liability of any currency or transactions carried out between Member and PayPal. It is the actual sellers responsibility to insure timely shipping, quality and delivery notification when products are shipped to said customer. Inventory shortages must be communicated to W2RProcks.com via email to: wright2rockproductions@gmail.com within 2 weeks of expected shortage(s) so that W2RProcks.com can make note on the Members Page pertaining to next “Availability Date” or “No longer Available”. It is requested, not mandatory, that 10% of all Physical Inventory Sales be returned to W2RProcks.com as a gratuity. We offer this service to help you, our member, achieve recognition of your talent and viability to potential customers for your product(s).

1.7.2 Digital Merchandise Sales Agreement
W2RProcks.com assumes no liability for the Quality of digital downloads. It is the responsibility of the member to provide a quality product to W2RProcks.com as contained in a ZIP file so that it may reduce server space on the web host. W2RProcks.com will charge 20% of funds of digital downloads sales to help cover web hosting and server expansion. All other funds will be retrieved to seller via PayPal on a weekly basis.